Green Lantern/Green Arrow #80
A classic 1970 issue of GL! Lantern, Arrow, and a Guardian run into legal trouble with super-villians in this issue.
Price $120.00
Justice League of America #82
Classic 1970 issue of JLA. The League (Pre-Crisis version) and Justice Society of American (the Earth 1 version) team up. An alien planet architect threatens to destroy both earths. He wants to use the materials for his planet making device and wants to manufacture a world for a third party. Disgruntled JLAer, Red Tornado, is reprogrammed to fight his teammates. A good issue!
Price $50.00

Spawn # 1 - A 1st Printing of the classic 1992 Image Comic from the biggest of the Image founders Todd McFarlane. He introduced the world to McFarlane's demonic superhero. In the 1st issue, we have the origin issue of the lead character and the beginning of the 1st plot. Al Simmons, Spawn, tries to get revenge on Jason Wynn for betraying him and letting him die. Spawn, for those who forgot, is a creature who made a deal for vengeance with Malebolgia, a creature who is a comic book Satan. He was in life a former US CIA assassin who was betrayed by his working buddy Chapel and his boss Jason Wynn. Now he is a hideously burned and deformed Hellspawn and is covered with a costume that acts like a symbiote with his body. Over the course of the comic book series, he learns to change the costume and throw the chains at things as well as use the cape as a weapon. In the beginning, it is just a uniform. He is also obsessed with protecting his wife Wanda from the forces of the Malebolgia and the U.S. government. He lives in a New York alley with bums and learns from Cogliostro, a strange mysterious bum, how to master his powers and costume.
Price $10.00